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            Shenzhen PUNAIR is globally launching its unique and inventive small 1/5KG MIG series which are very smart and easy for operation digital products.with flux cored gasless MIG function.The model is equipped with a synergic systerm under the support of MCU controlling technology.

            The gas metal arc welding process-known as GMAW- is dominant today as a joining process among the world’s welding fabricators. Despite its sixty years of history,research and development continue to provide improvements to this process, and the effort has been rewarded with high quality results.Although GAMW plays an very important role in the welding filed,sometimes it is also not so convienent when you want to weld outside or at the high platform.So how to make a welding machine lighter、portable、without shied gas,and able to meet the functions of GMAW entered the research agenda.Finally the flux cored arc welding came on the stage with glittering appear.

            Punair multiple functions GMAW/FCAW/SMAW/LIFT TIG welder-MIG/MAG 200CI-SV

            After punair's years endeavour,a set of smart,portable,and mighty MIG/MAG machines have turned out as a special gift for the welding industry.The multiple functions of these welders ensure a good experience during welding process,now you can see them easily in your friend's garage,furniture working shop,assembly,manufacturing industry etc.

            Our set of digital and synergy MIG mix has multiple functions of GAS(GMAW),GASLESS(FCAW),SMAW(MMA)and LIFT TIG.Perfect fit for diverse welding applications well recognized by it's long standing and durability.

             It successfuly adapts smart MCU control system with auto adaptive wire feeding speed and auto-matched welding current VS voltage, which means that you don't need to have rich knowledge on wire feeding speed VS welding current and welding current VS welding voltage, its wire feeding speed can automatically be adjusted based on your welding current and distance between your gun and workpiece, also the welding voltage would automatically be adjusted based on the welding current. It is a syngergic function.

            Furthermore, it also supports a fine tune function to let it perfectly match with your operation habits. On tope of that, these products are 3 in 1 design, with the multi-function of gas MIG/MAG function and gasless MIG/MAG function, these features could greatly throw away the troubles of carrying the gas cyclinder from one to another place for the outdoor MIG operation, and even to assure a good welding experience for the welding operators in the need of carrying welding job in the windy envirnments or situation; and plus with the extra functions of MMA and lift TIG to expand its application fields, which can largely cut down users's costs.

            In short, MIG230CI-SV and MIG250CI-SV digital and synergic inverters are professional machines that are really suitable for any inexprienced home users, steel facbrication, light industry users, site welding, repairing and maintenance appliation

            Thanks for your patient reading,more videos on our youtube!


            Punair International Sales Departement